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Dear Female Leaders and Power Women,

It has been a long journey; a tough fight without a doubt but feeling more burned out than ever?

Go ahead, it's time to self-care and reward yourself with this tonic drink; where the Chinese royals have enjoyed for centuries and as a prized delicacy for celebrities and leaders with health and beauty benefits unmatched. Something your body and skin will thank you for it....and potentially reverse your age 10 years.

Royal Imperial Bird's Nest; An exquisite, superfood to pamper yourself with freshly made-to-order, rich and whole cup of bird's nest (<5g per bottle) which is double-boiled in small batches, retaining the thick, gelatinous strands texture and naturally sweeten taste which you can bring and drink it on-the-go, safe and convenient without zero preparations and no downtime.

The best part? It's loaded with natural nutrients (calcium, potassium, protein) that is 100% unbleached, and unadulterated to keep your skin glowing and body healthy and strong all year round!

Plus this isn't the usual and common bird's nest you can find in any retail store — it's the one thing we've been reminded so often that home-cooked is always best: "You should be taking home cooked bird's nest!" Now you don't have to do so — just take one of these instead!

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Lauded for its prized health, healing and anti-aging benefits,
Edible Bird’s Nest is one of the most popular tonics in
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

 Boosting The Immune System

Benefit #1

Bird's Nest helps boost the body's immune system. By improving the function of the Lungs and Kidneys, it will increase resistance to external environmental factors.

Maintain Youthfulness Enhancing Complexion

Benefit #2

Birds' nest has been found to contain Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that helps in the growth and repair of cells. EGF can boost collagen production in the skin, which is responsible for enhancing complexion and keeping you looking young

Aid Recovery from Chronic illness

Benefit #3

Protein-rich bird's nests are believed to be a natural remedy for chronic illnesses. The high levels of protein and other nutrients are thought to help the body recover from illness and improve overall health. The nests are also thought to boost the immune system and help protect against infection.

 Support Pregnancy and Development of a Healthy Baby

Benefit #4

Benefits of eating bird's nest during pregnancy and childbirth is that the nests contain nutrients that are beneficial for both the mother and child. Some of these nutrients include iron, calcium, and zinc, all of which are essential for proper development and function. Additionally, bird's nest is also a source of protein, which can help ensure that both the mother and child have enough energy to sustain them throughout pregnancy and labor.

Clear phlegm, ease dry cough and relieve fatigue

Benefit #5

Birdnest is a traditional Chinese medicine that is used to clear phlegm, ease dry cough and relieve in fatigue. It is made from the saliva of male swiftlets and is considered to be a highly effective remedy. Birdnest has been used for centuries in China and is still popular today.

Improve Appetite and Digestion

Benefit #6

The bird's nest is known to improve appetite, stimulate digestion and bowel movement due to its complex nutritional content. It is believed that the gelatinous substance found in the nest helps to achieve these effects. The nests are also high in protein and other nutrients, making them a valuable addition to the diet.

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How Barbie Hsu Looks So Good In Her Forties

Wondering how Barbie maintains radiant and youthful skin? Here are her beauty secrets

According to Her World 

Barbie Hsu believes that what you eat can manifest in your skin and appearance. In the 2008 SCMP article, it is revealed that Barbie eats vitamin C, E and D3, calcium, grape seed extract supplements as well as a Chinese herbal drink of angelica root, wolfberry and red dates to boost her complexion. She also raved about the radiance-boosting qualities of consuming bird’s nests.


What others are saying about Royal Imperial Birdnest

If you are looking for fair, dewy skin and your child's healthy growth

Birdnest is the most ancient beauty elixir in existence — backed by modern science to give you radiant skin and proven to enhance your immune system.

Royalimperialbirdnest’s made-to-order bird's nest in a bottle — Painstakingly hand-picked, 100% bleach-free, chemical-free and hand cleaned manually so that we can enjoy the true delicacy, rich nutritional benefits and the Royal treatment of their sustainably sourced, premium bird's nest. Perfect gift for yourself and your child!

Jolene Tan

Restores vitality and youthfulness

The consumption of Bird’s Nest can be traced back to the ancient Tang’s Dynasty period. It is highly valued for its many health benefits including virility, better complexion, stronger pregnancies and healthier babies.

I was impressed with the richness of the amount of Bird’s Nest in one 85g bottle (whole bird’s nest weighing more than 5g per bottle), it was really thick and concentrated. And most importantly, it tastes pure and not artificially tasting. It was not overly sweet to overpower the Bird’s Nest. With ROYAL IMPERIAL BIRD'S NEST you can have a peace of mind, that you are only enjoying the best, with its “money-back guarantee for its authenticity”. This shows that the company is really confidence of the quality of theirs Bird’s Nest.

Elvina Tay

Helps to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Bird nest is a well-known health product which is good for us especially for our skin. I like to drink bird nest but it need lots of preparation to cook bird nest at home. I prefer to drink the ready made concentrated bird nest from royalimperialbirdnest.
I like the taste of these bird nest which is thick and not too sweet. 

Shirley Ong

The Product is Top Quality 

I love royal imperial bird's nest because the company manually cleans each bird's nest. I trust that their cleaning process ensures that no contaminants are in the nest. I also appreciate that they are a gender-neutral company. Their quality and customer service are impeccable, and their prices are fair.

 I would highly recommend royal imperial bird's nest to anyone looking for a high-quality, trustworthy bird's nest product. ROYAL IMPERIAL BIRD'S NEST you can have a peace of mind, that you are only enjoying the best, with its “money-back guarantee for its authenticity”. This shows that the company is really confidence of the quality of theirs Bird’s Nest.

I was so excited to try royal imperial bird's nest after reading all the great reviews. I'm not disappointed! The product is top quality. I'm thrilled with the results and will definitely order again

Millie Lee


How My Love Affair Began ...

Her love affair began, from her first child to any occasion of post surgeries or minor illnesses, mum was always there with this nourishing drink for speedy recoveries.

It all started in 2008, when the founder's mum brewed these thick, heavenly strands of chewy sweet concoction, said to aid in her postpartum recovery and for her baby's porcelain skin. It was love at first taste, though not her first to have tasted this prized product but all others pale in comparison, from the commercial bottled ones to even those tasted in fine restaurants.

Through the years, Silvia found lots of natural products but only a handful that fitted her holistic wants and needs. If, like Silvia, you want only the best choices for your health and wellness with sustainability in mind, you've come to the right place!

Royal Imperial Food was founded with an abundant spirit and lofty objective: to offer natural, exquisite, prized and artisanal foods which the royals and imperial family of those times eat. They all had one common attribute: Diet was used to protect health.

Armed with this age-old formula, choosing only the top quality grade, whole nests from ethical bird farms in Indonesia that are carefully hand-picked, traditionally hand-cleaned with zero chemicals and bleach-free, Royal Imperial Bird's Nest was born out of perfection, grace and love while supporting our female leaders, entrepreneurs and power women who feel persistently tired or fatigued and always pressed for time or to care for self.

Silvia Melanie Ng


Royal Imperial Food

Quality Control Cleaning Process

Whole nests from ethical bird farms in Indonesia that are carefully hand-picked,
traditionally hand-cleaned with zero chemicals and bleach-free

Harvesting Process

The harvesting of bird nests is a delicate process that can take many hours.  The swiftlet birds 
nests house are often high up and require a steady hand to harvest them without damaging them.

Traditional Methods

Whole nests from ethical bird's nest farms in Indonesia that are carefully hand-picked, undergoing traditional hand-cleaned using just water and with zero chemicals and bleaching agent.

Pastel Time Consuming Process

The nests of most birds are made of materials that the bird can find near its nest site. Bird nests are usually cup- or cone-shaped and are constructed from grass, twigs, moss, lichen, hair, feathers, and other natural materials.

Shaping Process

Arranging the delicate strands of swiftlet saliva, shaping them into a cup shape with delicate with delicate fingers, one can feel the intricate design and softness of the natural ingredients

Before and After

Before the cleaning the nest contain grass, twigs, moss, lichen, hair feathers forming the black patches on the surface, After the cleaning is done the color of a birdnest should look light beach.
( Health Risk Warning :  Avoid buying bright white looking bird's nests go to FAQ to find out why?)

Ready Product

Direct farm to Home,
Highest quality whole bird's nest, hand picked with top notch hygiene.100% unbleached, no preservatives and unadulterated

Frequently Asked Questions

Birds’ Nest Benefits, Myths and Whys?

What is Bird’s Nest?

Bird nests are the nests of swiftlet birds, which the male swiftlet made entirely out of his edible saliva. It is harvested and prized to make sweet dessert soup, for its prized nutritious content and flavor.

In China, records of its consumption can be traced back to as early as during the Tang dynasty (618 – 907). And in Ming dynasty physician Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica – a 16th century herbology volume that is consulted by Chinese medicine practitioners even today – it is listed as a nourishing and healing ingredient that boosts vitality

Why is Bird's Nest So Expensive?

The high price of bird's nest is due to the rarity of the ingredient and the time-consuming process of harvesting it. Bird's nests are made from the saliva of male swiftlets, which build their nests by attaching strands of their own saliva to cave ceilings. Harvesting a nest requires delicacy and skill, as the birds are very sensitive to noise and movement. The nests are also often collected from high up in caves, making them difficult to reach.

How to choose the best quality bird’s nest?

As a general guide, you choose bird nest according to these qualities

  1. Boat shaped or cup-shaped, with smaller edge size
  2. Firm texture with thicker strands, Natural ivory white colour (Not too white)
  3. Clean, with minimal amount of feather

How to identify fake bird’s nest?

Not all bird’s nests are made equal and it will be hard for anyone to know how to differentiate real bird’s nest from the fakes out in the market. As a general guide - You should take note of these 7 best methods when choosing your bird’s nest:

1. Transparency

A  real bird nest looks semi transparent while a fake bird nest will not be transparent at all, some may even appear to have a reflective surface from the chemicals applied onto it.

2. Fragility

Real bird nest are very fragile and breaks into small specks or dust-sized pieces if dropped. A fake bird nest will break into large chunks. 

3. Shape and Appearance

Real bird’s nest have no distinctive shape, occasionally you may also be able to spot small feathers stuck within the fibres. Whereas for fake bird’s best, it has a bumpy surface and look identically uniform  and sometimes with slight smell of medication.

4. Absorbitivty

It is a common practise to soak bird’s nest for a couple of hours before cooking it. The real bird’s nest will bloat to about twice its original size while a fake bird nest will show no significant growth in size. There may even be foreign particle appearing after soaking a fake bird nest. 

5. Coloring

After soaking the bird’s nest, a genuine bird nest will have its water clear throughout the soaking process while the fake bird nest will shown signs of decoloring into the water due to artificial coloring.

6. Foams

Place the bird nest in a bowl of water and stir it, real bird’s nest will cause foam to appear on the surface of the water while the water remains clear throughout. A fake bird’s nest will not show any foam on the water surface, the water will instead become murky and clouded. 

7. Structural Observation Under Microscope
Use a microscope if you have one to see the patterns of the bird nest’s fibre. A pure bird nest will look unevenly structured while a fake bird nest will look coarsely distributed and transparent (neater fibres).

    Why you should avoid buying Bright White looking bird's nest?

    Some suppliers make use of hydrogen peroxide in their cleaning to reduce the labour cost as the cleaning process is fast.
    The main drawback with using hydrogen peroxide is that it decolourises the black feathers 
    (impurity) in addition to bleaching
    the nest colour to white.

    Health Risk Warning of consuming of Hydrogen Peroxide 
    - When too much hydrogen peroxide is consumed, internal tissue in the throat or stomach is directly injured.
       Direct caustic injury could result in ulcers, mouth pain, vomiting, or stomach pain (Refer to webMD resource click here)


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